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For many years, metal detectors have been designed for various types and sizes of metal detecting systems. Applications ranging from the food manufacturing up to systems that require special DIP requirements used in the defence industries or other hazardous areas applications.

Our metal detector aperture sizes can range from a small 1OOmm wide x 70mm high, up to a massive 2400mm wide x 1200mm high for the special application with excellent sensitivity and product compensation control.

All models are high performance metal detectors suitable for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metallic contamination in a wide range of non-metallic products. These units consist of a detector head, an electronic module with power supply and relay output with full reject timing controls. A selected range of Series 48 detectors can as an option be constructed with removable end plate design or remote mounted electronic controls up to 10 metres away without any operating problems.

Also available is a range of vertical fall or drop through metal detectors which can also be used for pipeline applications.

The VF range of detectors have an extremely low metal free zone of approximately 40mm each side of the detector head and also as a standard, have remote mounted controls up to 10 metres away for ease of operation. These drop through metal detectors are commonly used on form fill and seal machines mounted just above the forming tube or other applications for gravity fed, free flowing powders, pipeline, liquid or granular materials.

Each model in the range operates with analog main controls with digital pulse phase modulation and phase discriminating signal demodulation network coupled to a dual gated detection system.

The dual gated detection system is a feature that eliminates early tripping when metal contaminants are being conveyed through the detector head. Detection actually occurs when the metal contaminants just pass through the centre of the detector head. This system allows excellent product compensation and sensitivity, also minimises the amount of good product reject.

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