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MultiDiameter Technology - for the OEM Industry

The Rox System is a sealing system for cable or pipe inlets in automotives, cabinet enclosures, technical shelters, automation products and a host of other equipment within the OEM industry.

Its uniqueness lies in its amazing MultiDiameter technology. A simple and smart solution with adaptable seals for convenient and flexible installations.

The result is a fast and reliable entry seal that fits perfectly to the individual cable or pipe, and protects enclosed equipment from the intrusion of water and dust, and in some case electromagnetic interference.

The MultiDiamter technology lets you peel off layers until you get the perfect fit for each cable.

Time Saving
The MultiDiameter technology makes it possible to seal a great range of different cable configurations of various cable diameters and numbers. This saves valuable time during the entire project, from the design phase to the installation.

EMC Solutions for Shielded Applications
All Rox System products are also available in EMC versions. With a low-conductive foil, the system enables a perfect 360 degree connection to each cable screen.

Ready for Pre-Terminated Cable Use
Rox Systems give you the unique possibility to route pre-terminated cables withtheir connectors attached during the installation. The result is a quick and easy installation.

Area Efficient
Rox Systems makes it possible to minimise your cable inlet area with a compact design for maximum cable area utilization.
Easy Future Expansion
Rox System makes way for future expansion already at the design stage. Extra capacity for cables can be added from the beginning. Just open the sealing and new cables can be passed through without any further items added.


Automotives, cabinet enclosures, technical shelters, automation products.

Custom Made Applications

Our R & D department works together with the customer to find solutions perfectly fitted to their applications.
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