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Flexible Conduit

Flexible Conduit And Connectors

Chart Of The Range

Sealsafe Explosion Proof Non-Metallic Conduit and Connector System

The Sealsafe range of nicket plated brass connectors can be used in Class I (explosive gas) and Class II(explosive dust) environments. The range includes connectors for use with flexible PVC braided conduit, flexiblemetallic liquid tight conduit and rigid galvanised conduit. A feature of the Sealsafe range is the ability to makeflexible conduit assemblies to any length in the field.

FHC-02 series non-barrier swivelling connectors are designed for use with fibre braid flexible conduit.

Cat No. Bore Male Thread Use with Conduit
FHC-2002 13.5mm M20 FC-16
FHC-2502 18.0mm M25 FC-19

FHC-03 series barrier connectors provide explosion protection when used with fibre braid conduit. The connector kit includes a two part epoxy putty which is packed around the cable cores. Ease of use is a feature of the connectors. Packing the epoxy putty is facilitated by the use of a detachable sleeve. Easy attachment of the conduit and connection to enclosures is a feature of the system. No special tools are required and installation is simple and fast.

Cat No. Bore Male Thread Use with Conduit
FHC-2003 13.5mm M20 FC-16
FHC-2503 18.0mm M25 FC-19
Cat No. Bore Male Thread Use with Conduit
FHC-075 13.5mm 3/4" WP FC-16
FHC-100 18.0mm 1" WP FC-19