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G T Jones: Application Engineering for Ex Certified Equipment.

Group II Explosion protected hazardous area equipment is installed in two distinctly different areas of plant, which incorporates the AUSTRALIAN & IEC Standards for Installation & Maintenance.

With gas and vapours, the designated Zones for this certified equipment is Zone 0, 1 & 2 and Zone 20, 21 and 22 for dusts.

Many of these hazardous areas require Exd (Explosion Protection) equipment including Exd, Exe that is to all intents and purposes what we would call custom built.

For example control panels with windows to house electrical and electronic equipment that need to be sighted during operation, as well as having operator control through actuators mounted on the Ex panel.

The panel itself may require specialized equipment to be fitted that does not compromise the integrity of the Ex certification.

Through many years of experience G T Jones is able to offer customized Ex solutions including budget prices, product modification (through workshop) and so that the great majority of applications can be resolved with the most efficient and economical of outcomes.

C.A.D drawings are available to approved customers for these special and sometimes not so special applications.

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